The Team

We Know Music

The Sauce Pot is comprised of a talented team of musicians and audio engineers that are passionate about creating great music. Everyone here is a musician, and it's our love for music that drives us to make your recordings sound the best they possibly can.

Eric Mattson

Chief Mastering Engineer, Producer, Mixer

Eric Mattson is a Central Coast-based music producer and mixing, mastering, and recording engineer. He received certification in recording arts from Cuesta College in 2012, and a bachelors in Music Industry and Technology with a specialization in audio engineering from Cal State Chico in 2014. After graduating he moved back to his hometown of San Luis Obispo and assisted in the construction of Speak Recording Studios as well as designing and building The Sauce Pot Rehearsal Studios. In the summer of 2016 he began designing and building the Sauce Pot Recording Studio with his band Wordsauce. Eric Mattson considers himself a student of sound and is interested in all genres of music. As a member and producer of Wordsauce, he has experience in a wide range of styles and believes that experimentation and creativity are key to success.

Rick Loughman

Producer and Recording & Mixing Engineer

Rick Loughman is a Central Coast-based music producer, recording & mixing engineer, songwriter, and vocalist. He holds a degree in audio recording and has studied audio engineering and music production at State University Dominguez. In 2010, Loughman joined the band Wordsauce, a live hip-hop band formed by Wesley Price and Bill “Billy G” Gerhardt. Loughman and fellow Wordsauce producer/member Eric Mattson helped build the second and third studios at The Sauce Pot, and have developed an efficient working relationship in the studio to make productions of any size run smoothly. Since The Sauce Pot Recording Studio opened its doors, he has had a full plate recording and mixing local talent such as Ricky Montijo & The Mojitos, Up! Way Up!, The Devils Lettuce, The Bear Roots, True Zion, Explode The Machine, Curran McCory, The Bogeys, Zen Mountain Poets, The Noach Tangeras Band and more.

Vince Cimo

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Vince Cimo has over 10 years of experience making records, and has a passion for unique and characteristic recordings. His love for recording started when he was 17, and converted a California State Park storage facility into an amateur studio. Since then, he has been obsessively studying and refining his art at various studios throughout the world. He is currently available for all types of recording projects, and would love to help see your musical visions through. Feel free to send him an email if you are interested in working with him.

Rob Vermeulen

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Session Bassist and Guitarist

Rob Vermeulen grew up in the rockin’ 60s in the Netherlands. He picked up the ukulele when he was 11 years old and laid up with a broken leg. Ten years later, he was leading several bands and touring Europe. Now, he is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and audio engineer. He met his American wife at 21 and their subsequent marriage of 35 years has borne many creative and collaborative projects, including their two children, Colin Lee and Rachèl Louise, who are professional recording artists in their own right. Collaborating with top talent, Rob has recorded hundreds of songs, resulting in over 100,000 album sales and 1,000,000+ YouTube hits. As an experienced bass and guitar player and frequent MD, Rob is known as the “musicians producer”, meaning that he knows both sides of the recording process. Now living in California, Rob is excited about working with local and international talent at his new studio The Sauce Pot.

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