The recording studio consists of four isolated rooms all with visual contact which enables us to record large bands together live. We have a spacious live room, a medium-sized isolation room, a small isolation room, and a medium-sized tracking control room. The studio is equipped with a large selection of vintage and modern microphones, preamps, instruments, and amplifiers.

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Main Room

We have a spacious live room (19x23x12) which has a fantastic natural reverb. Here we like to track drums with as much natural ambience as possible. During full band live tracking, guitar and bass players can also be in this room with their amps being recorded in our isolation rooms. This makes microphone bleed a non-issue.

The Control Room

Our tracking control room is medium-sized (9x17x10). Here we can control all of our microphone preamps and outboard gear. The control room can also be used as an isolation room or to house guitar or bass players while recording guitar amps in the live room or isolation booths.

Vocal Booth

Also known as the "Green Room," our vocal booth is medium-sized (5x9x12). This room is very dead acoustically and is great for vocals, acoustic guitars, or voice over recording where natural ambience is not wanted.

Isolation Booth

Also known as the "Red Room," our small isolation booth (5.5x4.5x10) is great for vocalists or horn players, as well as guitar amps due to its ease of access.

Hourly Production Room

Wired into the control room is our hourly production room (12x23x12), which can be used as a rehearsal space or additional isolation room for the recording studio. We have a large collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines (see equipment list) that are available to use.

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Engineer Suites

In addition to our four dedicated recording rooms, we have two monthly rental engineer suites (9.5x19x10) that are wired into the tracking control room, allowing them to double as extra isolation rooms.